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Latent space of a small genetic network: Geometry of dynamics and information

Rabea Seyboldt, Juliette Lavoie, Adrien Henry, Jules Vanaret, Mariela D. Petkova, Thomas Gregor, and Paul François. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 119 (26): e2113651119 (2022).

Trading bits in the readout from a genetic network

Marianne Bauer, Mariela D Petkova, Thomas Gregor, Eric F Wieschaus, William Bialek (2021). Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 118 (46): e2109011118.

The many bits of positional information

Gašper Tkačik and Thomas Gregor. Development 148: dev176065 (2021) (more…)

Only accessible information is useful: insights from gradient-mediated patterning

Mikhail Tikhonov, Shawn C. Little, and Thomas Gregor. Roy. Soc. Open Sci. 2: 150486 (2015). (more…)

Positional information, positional error, and read-out precision in morphogenesis: a mathematical framework

Gasper Tkačik, Julien O. Dubuis, Mariela D. Petkova, and Thomas Gregor. Genetics 199 (1): 39–59 (2015).  (more…)

Positional information, in bits

Julien O. Dubuis, Gasper Tkacik, Eric F. Wieschaus, Thomas Gregor and William Bialek, PNAS 110, 16301-16308 (2013).

The role of input noise in transcriptional regulation.

G. Tkačik, T. Gregor, W. Bialek, PLoS One 3, e2774 (2008).


Probing the limits to positional information.

T. Gregor, E. F. Wieschaus, D. W. Tank, W. Bialek, Cell 130, 153-164 (2007).