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Lots of November Press for TGLab

“Seeing the Pattern”
Nature Reviews Genetics (PDF)

“Measuring Transcription to Follow Embryo Development”
BioTechniques News Highlight

“Scientist to watch: Thomas Gregor – Biological Quantifier”
The Scientist

“Development: Lights, Camera, Action — The Drosophila Embryo Goes Live!”
Current Biology Dispatch by Bothma and Levine (PDF)

“Nature – the IT wizard”
Nautilus Magazine

Sorting sloppy Sonic

Shawn C. Little and Thomas Gregor, Cell 153, 509-510 (2013).

Can we fit all of the data?

W. Bialek, T. Gregor, D.W. Tank, E.F. Wieschaus, Cell 132, 17-18 (2008).