TGLab in the Press

Research Highlights

“Development On the Fly”
An interview with Thomas Gregor (2015)

“Seeing the Pattern”
Nature Reviews Genetics, December 2013 (PDF)

“Measuring Transcription to Follow Embryo Development”
BioTechniques News Highlight, November 2013

“Scientist to watch: Thomas Gregor – Biological Quantifier”
The Scientist, November 2013

“Development: Lights, Camera, Action — The Drosophila Embryo Goes Live!”
Current Biology Dispatch by Bothma and Levine, October 2013 (PDF)

“Researchers develop improved method to visualize biologic molecules, reinstate classic model”
Princeton News Feature, March 2011

“Scientists discover the molecular heart of collective behavior”
Princeton News Feature, May 2010

“Together to fly”
Princeton Weekly Bulletin, November 2007

“Developmental biology: Bicoid gradient tried and tested”
Nature Reviews Genetics, September 2007

“Cells’ precise pattern readout”
Journal of Cell Biology, July 2007

“Precision in fly patterning”
The Scientist, July 2007

“In Living Color: A New Blueprint For Body Parts”
TS-SI, July 2007


“Stochastic emergence of groupthink”
Science, Perspective, Arthur Prindle and Jeff Hasty, May 2010

“Developmental regulatory bits”
Molecular Systems Biology, News&Views, Eric Siggia, November 2008

“Morphogen Paradoxes ”
The Seven Stones | MSB-Blog, Thomas, January 2008

“Re-examining the Stability of the Bicoid Morphogen Gradient ”
Cell, Correspondence, Bergman et al., January 2008

“Measuring variability”
HFSP Journal, Marcello Magnasco, September 2007
, (PDF)

“Developmental biology: A ten per cent solution”
Nature, News&Views, John Reinitz, July 2007


“From Signals to Patterns: Space, Time, and Mathematics in Developmental Biology”
Julian Lewis, Science, October 2008

“Specifying Positional Information in the Embryo: Looking Beyond Morphogens ”
Michel Kerszberg & Lewis Wolpert, Cell, July 2007

“Bicoid by the Numbers: Quantifying a Morphogen Gradient”
Matt Gibson, Cell, July 2007

“Biology by numbers: mathematical modelling in developmental biology”
Claire J. Tomlin & Jeffrey D. Axelrod, Nature Reviews Genetics, May 2007

Videos Presentations

“Segmentation by the numbers”
KITP Program: New Quantitative Approaches to Morphogenesis, August 2013

“Intro to transcriptional regulation in fly embryo”
KITP Program: New Quantitative Approaches to Morphogenesis, July 2013

“Collective Behavior in Dictyostelium Populations”
KITP Miniprogram: Dynamics of Development, August 2011

“Morphogen Dynamics and Precision in Early Embryonic Development”
KITP Workshop on “The Physics of Morphogenesis”, March 2008

“Physics Problems in early embryonic development”
Lectures at the 2007 Boulder Summer School on Condensed Matter Physics