Sorting sloppy Sonic

Shawn C. Little and Thomas Gregor, Cell 153, 509-510 (2013).

In the classic picture of morphogen-mediated patterning, cells acquire the correct spatial arrangement of specified fates by reading a precisely distributed gradient of morphogen. Xiong et al. now provide evidence for an alternate strategy—cells of the zebrafish neural tube actively sort to their correct positions following disordered specification by Sonic hedgehog.

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Fengzhu Xiong, Andrea R. Tentner, Peng Huang, Arnaud Gelas, Kishore R. Mosaliganti, Lydie Souhait, Nicolas Rannou, Ian A. Swinburne, Nikolaus D. Obholzer, Paul D. Cowgill, Alexander F. Schier, Sean G. Megason. Specified Neural Progenitors Sort to Form Sharp Domains after Noisy Shh SignalingCell 153: 550-561 (2013).


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